Chase Slate Credit Card Invitation Number Guide

The Chase Slate Credit Card can make your life quite easy. It is a top balance transfer credit card because of its features and savings compared to other cards.

Chase Slate Credit Card Benefits

  • No balance transfer fee for the first 60 days period of your card use.
  • A 0% introductory APR (Annual Percentage Rate) on balance transfers and purchases.
  • No annual fees as well

You can keep track of your FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) score each month. This helps you get a better credit score and more balance transfer offers from Chase Slate.

How to Apply for a Chase Slate Credit Card

You can apply by

  1. Visiting
  2. Entering the 12- digit Invitation number (as received in your offer letter sent by the issuer through the mail),
  3. Enter your 5-digit Zip code,
  4. Enter your Last Name.
  5. Click the ‘Submit Button’.

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Verify and Activate your Slate Card

Please see our Guide at

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