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Carter’s Credit Card Login, Payments and Customer Service Guide

As someone that shops a lot, there is nothing more tempting to know that your favorite shop offers an option for credit card choices for qualified clients that can make your financing option higher, and let you save costs and enjoy more. This is precisely what Carter’s credit card offers, and is one of the largest stores for children’s clothing all over the nation.

So if you regularly buy at the Carter’s and you want to be benefited from additional buying power from the Carter’s, then you should apply for a credit card from Carter’s.

Comenity Bank issues the card, and the credit card lets card users get more from the store’s cashback items and discounts.

Advantages of having a Carter’s Credit Card

  • Free shipping of things that you buy on a credit card.
  • Earn two points on each USD spend at Carter’s store and another physical key retailer that produces children’s clothing.
  • Birthday gifts.
  • Unique access to certain offers and other bonuses.
  • As a card user, you will be invited to the latest arrivals and certain occasions
  • Obtain a special welcome when you sign up.

How to Login to your Carter’s Credit Card Account

  • View to this link to go to the page of Carter’s credit card login.
  • Key in your login credentials in the Sign-In box.
  • Double tick on the Remember Me if you are acting as your private computer.
  • Double-tap on the Sign In button to access your remote card platform.

Lost Your Password? How to Recover your Login Password

  • Under the section of the Carters credit card login, locate the area that you can recover your login credentials to continue.
  • In the following section, you have to make an identity verification by keying in your account information—key in your user ID, Zip code, and the last four SSN digits.
  • Hit the button to locate your account once you have completed.
  • Finally, follow specific on-screen steps to get back your login information.

Before you can apply for a Carter’s Credit Card

The application process for the credit card is quite simple. It can be done within a few minutes on the internet. You just need a few things before you can begin:

  • You must be 18 or Over.
  • Have a valid ID issued by the government.
  • Have a valid tax ID number like an SSN or SIN number.
  • A valid street address and a unique mailing address. (PO mailing address is not allowed)

If you meet the conditions above, you are eligible to make an application for Carter’s Credit Card. Keep reading the guide to learn how to make an online credit card application.

How to Make A Carter’s Card Application

  • Visit the credit card application page at to get things started.
  • Next, sign in and make a new account to make an online application.
  • You have to click on the specific link to apply immediately to apply right away without making an account.
  • Fill in all our necessary data, annual salary, SSN, and home address in the provided fields.
  • When it is completed, double click the “I Consent” part and send in your application.

You can expect to get the card in the email by seven business days once your card application is approved.

Once the card lands on our doorstep, you need to make a card activation before using it. To attempt this, call the sticker number on the card to make a card activation immediately.

Nevertheless, you will still require to create an account on an online platform, where you can do card management on the go. You can make a registration for accessing cards online by visiting Carter’s main page or the official bank site.

Advantages of  Registering your Account Online

Making a registering for online usage gives you a lot of flexibility, you can enjoy all the benefits the card has to offer without leaving the comfort of your home. Firstly, it lets you manage your menu from anywhere no matter what time it is.

Moreover, you can also perform these actions:

  • Pay the bills for the credit card.
  • View the statement for the card.
  • Apply for message alerts and notifications from emails.
  • View a FICO score for no cost at all.
  • Perform transaction activity.
  • Properly handle your preferences compared to others.

How to  Register for an Account or Credit Card Activation

  • Go to the official site of Carter to begin.
  • Click on the link to continue. The link should state Register Now.
  • Put in your credit card number, last four digits of the SSN in the provided fields.
  • Finally, click on the icon of Find My Account to make your new account.

Upon making an online account successfully, you can then login to the platform to handle your account all the time from any device as long as it is accessible to the internet.

How to Make A Carter’s Credit Card Payment?

You can pay your Carter’s credit card online or by making phone calls. Click here to make online bill payments.

Using phone calls: Dial 1877-563-5767 to make a credit card payment.

How Do You Use the Credit Card on The Internet?

Sadly, there is a limitation to the things that you can do with your credit card online. As it is a store card, the card can only be used to shop at Carter’s online store or the physical retailer.

Does Carter Issue a Retailer Credit Card?

Yes, Carter owns a store card in what they name it the credit card from Carter. The card can only buy things in the Carter retailer shop.

Customer Service Data for Carter’s Credit Card

For all inquiries, call: 1-877-563-5767

Using mail:

Send all the problems to Comenity Capital Bank, PO Box 183003, Columbus OH 43218 3003.

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