Chase Bold Business Card Invitation Number Guide

If you use your credit card strategically, it can be very much profitable for small businesses. Chase Bank has created its Ink credit cards for business owners. The Chase issues three types of Ink credit cards, which are:

  • Ink Cash® Business Card
  • Ink Bold® Business Card
  • Ink Plus® Business Card

All three cards have different special features and services of their own.

The 2 Types of Application Letters that Chase sends out to Potential Customers

Chase Bank sends application letters out in bulk to its possible customers who need credit cards. These invitations are of two types:

  1. Prescreened Letters
  2. Letter of Invitation to Apply

These letters are different, so take the time to read our explanation before completing your application.

Prescreened Letter

In case of, prescreened letter, your credit score has been prechecked and you are preapproved for a specific Ink credit card from Chase according to your credit score.

The federal law states that an offer made in the mail by the issuer is firm and cannot be altered by the issuer. However, you should always read the agreement thoroughly before responding to any offer.

Letter of Invitation to Apply

In the case of invitation letter to apply, you are just invited to apply for a specific credit card, and Chase has not seen or checked your credit reports or score. The decision for approval is still in hands of Chase if you apply for any of the Ink cards.

Keep in mind that with either a Prescreened Letter or an invitation to apply, you are still not guaranteed approval for the Credit card by Chase. The good thing is that the letter does not affect your credit score or reports until you apply for the offered card and it is issued to you.

How to use the Invitation

You can reply to an offer very simply, by just following up the link sent in the mail. The link will redirect you to the Chase offer website where you will have to fill your zip code and the invitation number which is a 12-digit number sent you in the mail.

The final decision of responding to an invitation sent by Chase for Ink always lie in your hands.

How to choose between the three Chase Ink cards?

You can select between the three of them depending on your business needs.

If you want to apply for a card that does not have an annual fee and give you great rewards on purchases related to business then you can go for Ink Cash Business card.

If you want discounts on services like travel and hotel accommodations and fine with paying the annual fee, then you go for either of the Ink Bold and Ink Plus. But Ink Bols is a premium charge card, for which you are required to pay for the full balance every month.

The Chase Ink credit cards are the best first-rate credit cards for any business owner.

What about a Slate Card Instead?

If after all this, you would prefer a Chase Slate Card, we have a guide for that over on our invitation page.

Activate your Card

Please see our “How To” page on which explains how to verify/activate your new card.

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