Sams Club Credit Card

Sam’s Club Credit Card Login, Application, Payment and Customer Service Guide

This credit card is a card from the Synchrony Bank. It is also usable at the Club Stores from Sam’s Store. The credit card has high credit requirements. The average APR rate is 15.4% or 23.4%. If you pay late, the penalty can go up to 37 USD. Sam’s credit card’s minimal interest is about 2 USD. There are no annual fees charged to the credit card.

Sam’s Credit Card Login Guide

  • Go to the login homepage of Sam’s Club (
  • When the web page appears, you will see two sections. One section is called the Consumer Credit Account. The second is called the Business Credit Card Account.
  • Pick the one applicable to you, and you will be sent to the login page. Key in the Username and Password in the blank section. Double-tap Secure Login.

Lost Your Password? Here is how to get it Back

  • Card users that cannot remember their login information anymore do not need to worry about it. The only thing you have to do is go right into the login page and click on the link of Reset Password right below the secure login section.
  • Key in your Username and zip code. Double-tap Continue.
  • After you justify your account, you will be able to obtain a new password.

Forgot Your Username? Here is how to send it to yourself

What happens if you cannot get a Sams’s credit card login?

If the client forgets his or her Username, they should go to the login page and click on the link to retrieve their username at the bottom left of the login page.

Next, you will be sent to a new web screen where you can key in your card number and zip code.

Benefits and Rewards of the Sam’s Credit Card

  • Users will earn 5% cashback on gas stations
  • Users earn 3% cashback on eating at restaurants and travel expenses
  • Users get 1% cashback on other fulfilments
  • There are no annual fee charges
  • There is no security given on advanced theft
  • Cardholders have online control services 24/7

Criteria for Applying

  • Clients should be 18 years old and above
  • Customers should be US residents
  • Clients should have a government-issued photo
  • Customers should have a valid SSN

How Do You Apply for a Sam’s Club Credit Card?

  1. Open the app homepage of Sam’s Club.
  2. To attain access to the enrolment form, you have to sign in to the SamsClub account. If you are short of time, then you can double-tap on checkout as a guest.
  3. Next, the person applying will be directed to a new web screen that showcases the enrolment form.
  4. Key in the following data in the personal data section: First and Last Name, Home Address, Zip Code, City, State, Mobile Number.
  5. Make an online profile and double tap on Continue.

Check your Application Status

You can find the customer service agent at 888-746-7726.

Cancel Your Credit Card Account

Call the company by calling 888-746-7726.

How to Make a Payment on your Sam’s Club Credit Card

Log into the account using the link to make an online payment. Once you are on the account dashboard, you will see the Payments button—double-tap on Payments.

Clients can register for a payment method that can be auto-debited that lets the credit card company make the payment directly from your registered bank account, making things easier.

How to Activate your Credit Card over the Phone

Call customer service at 888-746-7726 and give them your card number and name on the bank card.

Customer Service

Call 888-746-7726 to get the customer service agent.

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