Rapid Paycard

Rapid Paycard Activation, Registration and Adding Funds Guide

How you receive your monthly paycheck? Do you wait for your employer to deposit the money in your bank account? What do you do if the bank is closed for some reason? 

You no longer have to wait for your payment because of Rapid! PayCard is here. It is meant to make the process of receiving your monthly payment easy.


For those wondering what Rapid Paycard is, it is a prepaid card that doesn’t require any credit check. You just need to be a legal citizen of the United States and have your proof of identity to qualify for this card.


You can use this card to both send and receive money without any hassles. Not just that, but this card can also be used to withdraw money from ATMs worldwide.


You can use it to make payments in places where MasterCard or Visa debit cards are accepted. With this card, you don’t have to carry cash.


Now the question is how to get a Rapid! PayCard? Well, you need to ask your employer to issue you the card. They will provide you an application form that you need to fill and submit. Once your application is received, you will get your Rapid! PayCard.

Steps to Activate Your Rapid! PayCard


If you are looking for the steps to activate your Rapid! PayCard, no worries because we have got you covered. 


You need to activate your card so that you can use it as you like. By activating the card, you get the opportunity to receive a replacement with your name embossed on it.


After you make your application, your card is issued within 7 to 10 working days. It is an instant issue card that needs to be activated to use it.


The process of activating a Rapid! PayCard is easy. You just have to dial their customer service number on 1-877-380-0980. Through this number, you can also request a personalized card with your name embossed on it. 


You can also visit their website www.rapidfs.com activate the card and follow the instructions to get your card activated.


Once you activate your card, you can use it for various purposes. From paying your grocery bills to withdrawing money from ATMs, you can do it all with this card. It also allows you to receive your monthly paycheck easily.

Can you add money to your Rapid! PayCard?

 Many of you want to know whether it is possible to add money to your Rapid! PayCard? 

As you already know a Rapid! PayCard is issued by your employer. When you change your employer, it doesn’t mean you are stuck with the card. You can use your card even after switching jobs. Not just that, but you can also make direct deposits after you sign-up for the service.


It can also be used for other direct deposits including the ones from a military pension, income tax refunds, and social security benefits. You can also make direct deposits by calling their customer service. If you are not comfortable with calling them, then you can visit www.rapidfs.com and log into your account to do the needful.


In short Rapid! PayCard is a very useful card that can be used to both spend and receive money. With this card, you never have to carry cash with you or worry about receiving your monthly paycheck.

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