Kohls Credit Card

Activate Kohls Card Online, by Phone and In Person Guide

In order to save you from any possible identity theft, Kohls Charge card is handed over without activating it. To make use of this card, you first need to have it activated. To begin with the activation procedure, it requires you acknowledging the card is with you only. If not, someone else might either activate it or make payments straight from your personal account.

Get your Kohls card activated in three simple steps: online, via phone, or even by visiting Kohls store physically. Below are the ways in which you can activate your  Kohls card:

Activate your Kohls Credit Card Online

  1. Go to the website kohls.com and enter as new charge card user. Then, on the upper right corner of your screen, click on the “My Kohls Charge” to open the page for account registration.
  2. Go down to the “Register Now” icon and then enter the 12-digit number of your charge card on the space given below and submit.
  3. Once you create your username and the password, you have to select the security question, then come up with an answer for it. While creating your username and password, it is necessary to write in case-sensitive using lowercase and uppercase letters along with numbers. Don’t miss out on entering your current email address as well. If in case you forgot your password or username, you will need to answer the security question you have picked.
  4. To finish off with the registration, click on “Submit.” Then, you can open your email for verifying the registration and click on the given link.
  5. With your running online account, log in to your account using your username and case-sensitive password. After which, you can activate your Kohls card. Now, open the “Account Summary” option. After that, click on the “Activate Now” icon, which is in green on the top side of your page.
  6. Finally, by clicking “Ok,” the “Account Activated” page will turn away. Following these few basic and easy steps, you will have your card activated.

Activate your Kohls Credit Card by Phone

There is also an option to activate your Kohls Charge card by phone if it is not possible to do it online. In order to do this, you can simply dial the number: (800)-954-0244. After you are connected, please follow the audio instructions provided to you. During the activation process, make sure to have your information ready such as your social security number, Charge card number, etc., as they may ask you to provide this information.

After completing the entire procedure, your Kohls Charge card will get activated and ready to use.

Activate your Kohls Charge Card in person

You can also get your Kohls Charge card activated instantly without having to go through phone activation or the online procedure. It is quite simple and easy; simply visit the nearby Kohls store and purchase something. After making the payment, you will have your Kohls Cash card get activated.

See how you can very quickly activate your Kohls card. If you are eager to make use of your card instantly, you can always visit the nearest store and make purchases right away after you receive it.

Switching from Kohls to Sears

If you like to shop at Kohls, chances are you can find a lot of the same products at Sears – and maybe cheaper! If you decide to swap stores, then you may want to swap cards as well. We have a Sears Card Application guide for when you decide to make the change.

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