New Jersey Benefits Online – Check Status, Direct Deposit and Customer Service Guide.

In the United States of America, the State of New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Benefits is a mid-branch of the government.

The New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Benefits Claim is a platform which is an Online Service created by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development and it is a simple and easy way to apply for online benefits.

In order to claim the New Jersey Unemployment Benefits, you will simply be required to provide the relevant information requested to support your claim.

Instructions to File a Claim:

  1. Enter the administration URL Link of the site into the address bar and then click ‘Go’ to access the website.
  2. You can find the link to the website from
  3.  Once on the website, you will need to read the details that are provided on the home page. This information will assist you to determine whether you are eligible for the claim or not.
  4. If you are eligible, then simply click on the button that says ‘File a Claim’, this should be located in the lower section of the webpage.
  5. You will need to confirm that you are still using the unemployment User ID of the benefits, as well as the password.
  6. Once done, click on the button that says ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next step.
  7. You can file a claim if you are a resident of the United States.
  8. You will need to provide the following details: Account number, address, your full name, SSN, zip code, photo identification, phone number and a drivers license.
  9.  Continue to follow the online instructions to complete the process.


The New Jersey Unemployment benefits offers a variety of services to consumers to make their life easy and stress free.

You can simply claim the weekly benefits online via the website, along with other services such as changing your direct deposit details, phone number and address details.

The company has a responsibility to securely store and protect the records of employees of corporations, students, professionals, job seekers, as well as those claiming benefits.

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How do I file an unemployment claim in NJ?

You can reach the Reemployment Call Center (RCC) via phone to get a new claim.

Please see the contact numbers below:

  1. Just Call: 201-601-4100.
  2. The Central New Jersey Number is: 732-761-2020.
  3. The South Jersey number is: 856-507-2340.
  4. The Out of state claim: 888-795-6672 ( to reach this number, you need to call from a phone that has a out of state area code).
  5. The New Jersey Relay: 7-1-1.

For more information: › help › contact-us

How do I check the status of my NJ unemployment claim?

If you have filed a claim online, then you can check the status of the claim through (provide your confirmation number).

If you have filed a paper claim, call at 609-292-2305 (make sure to have your claim number).


What does your claim is pending mean?

This means that your claim is pending and that it has not been finalized yet.


How do I claim my weekly unemployment benefits?

Weekly benefits can be claimed through or you can simply call the Tel-Service toll free number at 888-581-5812.

It is recommended to use the online system as it is secure and convenient and this way it allows you to access the benefit payments faster!


How do I check the status of my NJ unemployment claim?

If you filed your claim online, you can check the status of your claim by going to: (have your confirmation number available).

If you filed a paper claim: Call (609) 292-2305 (make sure to have your claim number available).


How do I apply for unemployment in NJ Online?

To apply online for Unemployment Insurance benefits and get your information follow the instructions below:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Open your online dashboard.
  3. Check your mailbox.
  4. Start your job search.
  5. Explore training options.
  6. Certify for (claim) your weekly benefits.
  7. Add dependents to your claim, if they qualify.

For more information: › before › about › howtoapply › apply online Division of Unemployment Insurance

Can I claim my NJ unemployment benefits weekly?

Official Site of The State of New Jersey

To get unemployment insurance benefits, firstly you will need to certify the benefits for each week that you want to receive the benefits.

These benefits can be certified only after one week has passed. The benefit period begins on a Sunday and ends at midnight of the Saturday.

How do I change my direct deposit for unemployment?

  1. You can change your direct deposit via phone.
  2. The DUA has a direct deposit line available at 617-626-6570.
  3. You can change the deposit information by selecting option 3.
  4. Next, enter your social security number.
  5. Then enter the 4-digit TeleCert Personal Identification Number (PIN).

For more information: › how-to › change- direct-deposit-information-for-your-…Change direct deposit information for you unemployment benefits.

How long does it take for an unemployment check to be deposited?

The time it takes to set up a direct deposit for unemployment benefits varies from State to State. Generally, it can take between five to seven days for the processing to be completed.

In some States, like Washington for example, this process can take up to 14 days. While in Ohio it may take around 3-4 days to set up a direct deposit account.

How long does NJ unemployment direct deposit take?

After first signing up for the direct deposit, it can take up to three weeks before funds start to be deposited into your bank account.

If it takes more than three weeks, then you would be advised to contact the unemployment agency to check on the status of your claim.

How do you get your money from unemployment?

After you file for unemployment and your form has been approved, you will start to receive the benefits.

These benefits may come in the form of a check, however mostly they will be directly deposited in to your bank account. This payment process varies from State to State.

You are able to file this weekly, by email, or over the phone.


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