Walmart Credit Card

Walmart Credit Card Activate, Register, and Login Guide

If you are looking for the steps to activate your Walmart Credit Card, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will provide you all the details you need to know about activating and registering your Walmart Credit card.

How to make Best use of your Walmart Credit Card

The Walmart Credit Card is used for making payments at Walmart stores. The good thing is that you can also use it in other places. It is similar to a credit card in function. However, to apply for a Walmart Credit card, you need to have a good credit score, otherwise, your application could get rejected.

If you applied for a Walmart credit card for the first time, you will have to first activate it and then use it to make payments. Others may apply for an upgraded card to replace their old one.

You can use your new card to make payments even with your old account number. Using your Walmart credit card, you can make payments for all the goods and services you get from the store. But before you can enjoy the benefits of your Walmart Credit Card, you need to go through the activation process which we will be discussing in the next section.

Walmart Credit Card Login

The first step to activate your Walmart card is to create an account on their official website. If you already have one, you can proceed with that account at

To create an account, you need to provide your personal information including your name, username, social security number, email address, and so on. Those who already have an account can log in to their account using their username and password.

Activating Your Walmart Credit Card

The process of activating your Walmart Credit Card activation is easy and hassle-free. Once your account is ready, you need to log in using your username and password.

You will be asked to provide the 16-digit card number, a 3-digit security code, card expiration date, the last four digits of your social security number, and your card PIN.

Once you provide all the details, click next and your card will be activated. You can now manage your Walmart Credit Card online at Walmart capital one/activate. You can pay your bills, view your statement, and much more.

Activating Your Walmart Credit Card by Phone

You can also activate your Walmart card by phone. All you have to do is dial the toll-free number: 1-877-362-5952.

Once your call is connected, press “1” for general card inquiries. Next, you will be requested to enter your card number ending with “#”.

A sales representative will ask you to provide your name, social security number, and telephone number for verifying your deals. Once the verification process is done, your account will get activated.

If you find the previous method difficult, then you can opt for this method. You can also call their customer support for assistance.


By activating your Walmart credit card account, you can manage your card online. However, you should know that your card will be rendered useless in 3 to 5 months if you fail to activate it. In that case, you will have to apply again. If you applied for a new Walmart card to replace your old card, make sure you get rid of your previous card first.

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