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UBA Transfer Code – Transfer Money from UBA Bank

United Bank For Africa is one of the leading financial service providers in pan Africa, with headquarters in Nigeria. Operating in over 20 African countries, it is one of the most resilient banking groups with a presence in three global financial service centers. The bank offers plenty of retail and commercial banking services to its customers. Recently, the bank has come up with a UBA transfer code facility which allows any UBA bank holder to make bill payments, fund transfers, check bank balance, etc. without an internet connection.

Using the Transfer code feature, customers can carry out various types of transactions on any device and from anywhere in the world. The facility is available for all customers who are holding an active account in the United Bank Of Africa. However, to use the UBA Bank transfer code service, you’ll have to manually activate it for your account by following the below-mentioned procedure.’

How To Register For UBA Transfer Code

There’s a standard process that you must follow to activate the transfer code facility for your UBA bank account. Make sure to keep your registered mobile number and personal identity number (PIN) of your debit card available with you. The process can be carried out on any device from anywhere without any issues.

  1. Open up dialing app on your device and dial *919#
  2. Select your debit card and enter the PIN code whenever prompted.
  3. Enter any additional details if required and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. On the final step, you will be asked to set a secure PIN to authorize transactions.
  5. Type your desired PIN and finish the process to get started.

Transfer code service is now activated for your UBA bank account, and you may now start using the service to perform various transactional activities such as Buy airtime, Pay Bills, Transfer Funds, Check a bank balance, etc. However, there are different procedures for carrying out these activities. You may refer to the following sections to know how to use the UBA Transfer Code.

How To Transfer Funds Using UBA Transfer Code

Transferring funds is quite simple and easy if you have registered for the UBA Money transfer code service. You will be able to send money to other UBA bank accounts as well as other banks from anywhere in the world. To initiate the fund transfer process, dial *919*3# and select the appropriate option from the list to begin the process.

In case, if you would like to send money to any other bank accounts, then you will have to dial *919*4# and follow the instructions shown on your screen to complete the transfer. On the final step, you will have to authorize the transaction by entering the PIN that you have set up during the registration process. Post authorization, your account will be debited instantly, and the amount would be credited in the beneficiary bank account.

How To Buy Airtime Recharge

Now you can recharge your or any other mobile number from the comfort of your home, without having to visit any branch or ATM or Access UBA Online Banking. To buy airtime balance, dial *919*Enter The Amount Of Recharge# and authorize the transaction by entering your PIN.

To recharge other mobile numbers, dial *919*Mobile Number*Amount Of Recharge# and enter your PIN to confirm the transaction. Upon confirmation, your UBA bank account will be debited instantly and the recharge will be processed within a few seconds.

How To Check Bank Account Balance

You can check your UBA bank account balance simply by dialing *919*00# on your device. Make sure to dial the code from the mobile number, which is registered with your UBA bank account. Otherwise, your request will not be processed.

Upon dialing the code as mentioned above, you will receive a message with your bank account balance details. Sometimes, it may take a few minutes for the word to arrive on your phone.

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Final Words

UBA Transfer Code is used by a lot of people in Nigeria, especially in places where internet connectivity is limited or poor. Many Nigerian Bank customers prefer using the USSD method for performing various types of transactions from their accounts since it takes only a few seconds to get the job done. Go ahead and follow the above-mentioned steps to get started, let us know if you need any further help.

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