Toys R US Credit Card Payment, Features, Pros & Cons

Certain things in life may not work as planned, and that also includes not having credits as per the expectations. Similarly, if your application for Toys R US Credit card is rejected on the grounds that you don’t have good credit, don’t worry since you will automatically be approved for the store card.

Difference Between Store Card and MasterCard

Now, here I am going to help you with the difference between

Store Card

  • As it is self-explanatory, this card is used solely on stores of toys r us.
  • Based on the limitations it has, your quest to earn reward points will be limited as well.
  • You will cease to earn points if you use it for store financing promotions

Master Card

Toys r us Mastercard can be used anywhere as it is a full-fledged MasterCard, and you are entitled to earn points simply anywhere you shop too.

However, except that, the rewards which you are entitled will remain the same. Like, you will be earning four points per dollar on the purchases which you are eligible for.

Like, Toys R US Credit Card is best for shoppers who frequently visit Babies “R” Us stores, as they have reward points for the same.

The ‘R’Us Credit Card offers 8 cents per dollar for an exceptional rewards rate for purchases at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us, which is significantly higher when compared with other cards.

When considered with the reward rate for other purchases, it stands out at 1% offerings, which are lower when compared with other cash-back cards.

Features and benefits of Toys R US Credit Card


Spending Bonus

  • 2 points per dollar are what users get  on every dollar they spend whether in-store or through toys r us online shopping
  • One point per dollar is what Members of the Rewards “R” Us program earn.
  • As far as other purchases are taken into considering, then by spending $4, you earn 1 point.
  • Thereby, on achieving 125 points, you are entitled to receive $5 in “R” Us Rewards.

In the event, when there hasn’t been any account activity for the year, then cardholders lose the reward points.

After your approval, you get 15% off on your first purchase if you do within 90 days with the exceptions of electronic items in the form of tablets, laptops, video games, hardware, etc.

Starting Offer

It is up to you to choose either 15-20% off while making your first purchase with toys r us credit card or enroll yourself for a particular financing scheme with purchase of over $299 where you don’t have to pay any interest for six months.

Toys”R” Us stands tall when taken into consideration the toy market for years now as Toys R US has over 850 locations

Discount (Exclusive)

You will be receiving 10% off at R Us stores on Thursday.

Now, Thursdays will give more smiles and happiness as you have an additional way of getting the reward from the store, which is there to provide various moments of liveliness.

Toys R US Customer Service Number

The customer Service provider is the most prominent and direct representative of the company, which conveys the best possible solution to the queries posed by the users. Here is the number of the provider to get your questions addressed with professionalism

Contact Number-  1-855-389-2365

Regular APR


When you have big shopping to do, during the time of festivities which usually have various holidays or during birthdays, then it has an 8% rewards rate when considered with such purchases.

Reward associated with toys r us registry  (baby registry at Babies “R” Us)

If you have registered for the same, then you receive 5% while you spend your first $3000, and thereby, based on the extent of the amount exceeds after that, there will be a discount of 10%.

Toys r us payment can be done in the following three ways:-

Toys R US Payment

Either online by registering your account on the official website of Synchrony Bank’s website (

We also have a complete Toys R Us credit card guide which takes you through login, registration and payments.

Through Mail

You can mail a check on the below-mentioned address

Toys R Us MasterCard, P.O. Box 530939, Atlanta, GA 30353.

Through phone

Just a simple call on 855-389-2539 can help you make your Toys R US Credit Card Payment. Ensure that you have all the credentials ready before you can do so.

Pros & Cons


  • The card isn’t charging any annual fee
  • Redeeming can be done through  “R” Us Rewards Dollars
  • Although, there are different cards in the market, considering the unmatched convenience and rewards, ‘R’Us Credit Card has to be top in the list for sure.


The card can only be used at “R” Us stores, for others, it only has a 1% reward rate.

Also, check:

Final thoughts

The Toys R US Credit Card has benefits that will make your shopping exciting and wonderful. Based on the requirement you have, if you have lots of shopping to do, the introductory offer will by itself is self-explanatory regarding the awesome scheme you will be enrolling for.

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