GAP Credit Card Login

GAP Credit Card Login – Guide & Pros/Cons

GAP Credit Card Login: Has it ever happened that while shopping for an occasion, you feel that you should have more trendy dresses?

It would have surely happened. After all, in such a fashion-conscious world, people look for the latest trends to get for themselves. The season of festivities or parties offers the perfect time for people to shop as per their taste and style.

This is where the GAP Credit Card promises to enhance your shopping experience. But wait, you equally need to know the card’s features, charges and everything in detail to decide for yourself

What is GAP?

The gap is a renowned fashionable clothing store that is frequently visited by fashion-conscious people who wants to transform them for better. If you are a regular visitor to the store, having a card will going to give you perks to help yourself earn rewards.

Let’s know what the GAP Credit Card is?

Synchrony Bank issues The Gap Visa Card. Besides the traditional first purchase discount which cardholders usually get, the thing which makes the credit more welcoming is the reward points on every purchase along with a discount on every Gap purchase.

Let’s breakdown the reward points in detail:-

  • The purchaser earns 5 points per dollar spent at Gap, Athletica, Old Navy, and Banana Republic
  • Earn 1 point elsewhere
  • If your points number 500, then you will be entitled to a $5 reward

GAP Credit Card Login

Manage your gap account online in easy steps. You need to fill in the requisite credentials, and there you can head for a shopping experience with ease. The whole process of managing the GAP Credit Card login is simple and easy. Once you login you can keep a check over your different series of transactions in terms of:-

  • Making payments
  • Knowing about the rewards you are entitled to
  • Know about the billing statements

GAP Login

In just a few steps you have access to your account.

  • Go to secure Login Page
  • Login with entering details, and you are done.

gap login

Now, the next time you do GAP Credit Card Login in you needs to enter the username and password and click to log in. Thereby, there will be specific verification steps you will be able to pass by selecting the security image before you are logged in.

GAP Credit Cards are of two types which are as follows:-

  1. GAP Card
  2. GAP Visa Credit Card

Both the cards mentioned above have variable purchase APR of 25.24%

  • GAP card

This card can be operated in the GAP stores and its affiliated ones with the following brands:

  1. Banana Republic
  2. Old Navy
  3. Piper Lime
  4. Athlete
  • GAP Visa Credit Card

  1. It can be used at any and every store where Visa is accepted.

Both the above-mentioned cards have variable purchase APR of 25.24%

Requirements to apply for the GAP Credit Card

  • The concerned individual has to be the US resident
  • The credit record should be clear
  • Should have a social security number
  • Government-issued photo ID needs to be provided during the time of the application process


  • For applying, go to the Homepage of GAP Credit Card
  • Enter personal along with security details
  • Tick your delivery method for the billing statement
  • Go through in particular regarding the terms and conditions of Synchrony Bank
  • Check it, if you agree
  • Submit

Late Fees for GAP Cards

There are two types of Late fees which are associated with GAP Cards:-

  • $27 late fees, if it is the first time of missing GAP Credit Card Payment when taken the last six months into consideration
  • $37 late fees, if you have already missed GAP card payment in the previous six months

So, the best way to avoid the fear, trauma, anxiety, and of course, discomfort associated with late fees is to be dutiful of paying on time.

As we know that there is always some sort of penalty either in the online or offline world and paying on time makes it more responsible, and you feel happy too.

As GAP announces the date of payment, then you have 26 days to pay from the billing date of your statement.

Customer Service-  GAP Credit Card Login

An experienced customer service representative has enough responsibilities on its shoulders. You can get in touch with them on the following numbers

  • If you reside in the United States, then dial 1800-427-7895
  • If you live outside the United States, then dial 1-614-744-3907
  • For General Support: 1866-450-4468

Pros & Cons

Let’s now take a look at its Pros and Cons


  • Option to earn bonus points

Your timely actions can help you make more, such as registering for electronic statements which gives you 4,000 extra points through GAP Credit Card Login

  • 10% off

A store card is offering this discount right now apart from rewards you get, and it will be till April 30th, 2020

  • Earn rewards while shopping at GAP or its sister stores

Sufficient points are earned while shopping as the discounts are added up. So, your future shopping experience will have a sizeable amount of discount too.

  • Additional benefits of GAP Credit Card Login

Users are pampered with other perks such as birthday gift, receipt-free returns along with other saving mechanisms. Be dutiful of referring your email every single time, and you never know when you have more offers to wait for you.


  • High late fee

Be sure to avoid cash advances or foreign transactions or else be ready to pay a hefty price. I am saying this because there are few cards which don’t charge any foreign transaction fees

  • High APR

This card is similar to the perception which people have for Store cards regarding high-interest rates. Yes, due to high APR, you are supposed to pay the balance every single month. So, the tip to consider is to be watchful of your actions and control your nerves while shopping.

  • Restrictions of rewards

Regards to be used within the GAP stores before they have earmarked the expiration date.

  • Other cards with greater rewards

Also, while making a purchase of $100 at GAP, brands give you $5 bonuses. However, there are other cards with better rewards, though.

  • Negligible reward if purchase outside GAP stores

One (1) point per dollar is what you earn if you pay GAP Credit Card online outside, like in the case of using at gas stations, grocery stores. So, considering the general cash back cards, the reward isn’t at all up to the mark.

Want to redeem rewards? Wait

The amount of $5 is set to redeem your points, and you have to wait to attain the same.

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Final note

If you love shopping and want to try a different series of clothing attires at periodical intervals by visiting the GAP family of stores, then you will be earning various perks. On the other hand, if you aren’t able to get approval for the Visa(GAP Credit Card Login), then your choice of shopping may well be limited, as you can only concentrate on a few stores.

Also, the rewards can only be used within the GAP family of stores right before they expire with the GAP Credit Card Login. So you can need to have a complete overview of the credit card before taking your final call. It is best to strategize first and make the decision accordingly.

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