Sears Credit Card Login, Application and Payments Guide

An enterprise that is dealing in merchandise right from baby products, home appliances, automotive services to electronics, yes it is Sears, which has become a household name. Considering the big business of products which, is dealing with, it feels great to use Sears credit card, especially as you happen to look forward to a big purchase.
As one of the leading merchandise retailers, it has been in existence for more than 100 years. 

Likewise, you equally need to be aware of its pros and cons which you will check in the below post:-

Sears has the following cards which are issued by Citibank

  • The Sears card
  • Sears Mastercard

Benefits associated with Sears Mastercard

While undergoing for sears credit card application, as a shopper, it is advisable to opt for Sears MasterCard, as increasing numbers of stores accept it. Additionally, like with any esteemed entity, you naturally want to benefit with awesome rewards, likewise, you can equally get hold of the same. Yes, it has various rewards for loyal customers like including one time benefits or more especially, discounts, etc. 

So, as a cardholder, your next step would be to activate it for use in the online world. As per the technical aspect, Clickbank activates the card and it is devoid of any hassle. Let’s now take a look at the process in the below post:-

How to Apply for Sears Credit Card

apply for sears card


There are the following things you will need with regards to the application process:-

  • Name of the account holder as depicted on the card
  • Date of your birth
  • Credit Card number
  • 3 digit security code

One can apply for Sears Credit Card online or else you can reach the nearest Sears store for activating the same. 

Besides attaining 18 years of age, you should furnish the following things:-

  • Social Security number 
  • Biographical information
  • Your yearly income
  • Highlight the current residence status
  • You equally need to furnish the information regarding Monthly mortgage or details regarding your rent payment. 

How to activate Sears MasterCard

sears credit card

Based on the above-mentioned steps, you now have an account. 

During the process of application, your credit report will become the basis for you to qualify. Such as your income and how much of a debt is there in the credit report. Through Sears Credit Card as well as Sears Mastercard, you will be able to have loads of reasons to shop and pay sears credit card online at Sears or Kmart. 

Activate Sears Credit Card online


The online world provides an easy mechanism to go for the activation process. So, as and when you have got your Sears Card, it is time to activate. For that, go to the Citibank portal and then head towards the activation section of the card. You will be required to fill in the details of the card (Like above) and this is how you are done.

Activate Sears card on the phone

It is indeed easy to ring the following number 1 (800) 589-7327 for activating your card. This is how you have done your bit right from working towards Sears Credit Card application till it is finally activated. You will be in touch with the concerned authority in terms of Citibank’s activation line.

Offer associated with beginners

Now, regarding how to make Sears Credit Card payment, there are captivating reasons for beginners to own the sears card. Since it offers $10 on the first purchase provided you have Sears Store Card or you will be getting $15 off if you own Sears Master card.

Also based on your needs, there are “special financing” offers which are based on the following:-

  • It depends on the amount
  • The time period also varies 

For example,

Your next 6 months can make you pay “no-interest”, if you choose special financing for that period, on the first time you buy with the card

You can avail special financing offers with both the Sears cards, as they are up as part of an offer for a limited time. This exercise helps you to make the best use of “saving mechanism” on interest, provided you make use of the limited time period of paying your balance. 

There are certain promotional offers that are exclusive for Sears cardholders too.

Make the right choice of card

In the event you have faced issues in the past with regards to lower credit score, there is a quite a bright chance that you will qualify for Sears store. Additionally, it helps you to be eligible for special store sales and deals thanks to

Sometimes, we know everything, but we need to control our nerves and limit our spending process. Therefore, pay your bill on a timely basis with sears card for ending the possibility of additional charges, associated with late payment. There are 25 days grace period which you are entitled to get. The best you can do is pay before the due date. 

There are following changes in the late payment which you need to incur

  • If it is the first time in the last six billing cycles, and you are late, then it is  $27 penalty charges
  • If you already had been late in the past six cycles, then, unfortunately, you are subjected for the payment of $37 

If you like shopping at Sears, then chances are you also go to Macy’s – and maybe even have their card, too. We have posted a guide on how to activate your Macy’s Credit Card which you might find useful.

How to make Sears Credit Card Payment

You now have an account of yours and in order to make Sears Credit Card Payment, here are steps to follow:-

  • Visit sears home page (
  • Go to the option of “Pay your bill” 
  • Enter your credentials in the form of ID and password and click on “Sign On” 
  • As you are done, you now see the “Pay Now” button and it is on the account page.
  • Here you can pay your requisite bills or do the desired payment with respect to Sears card payment
  • You will be using your card obviously for completing the payment. 

In the event you have anything to say or facing any issue, then the following number is waiting for you 1-800-815-7701

The reward program entails 5% back on gas and 3% at restaurants as well as grocery stores which is quite a noteworthy features in

The reward program relating to gas and restaurants of 5% and 3% respectively is only for the first year and limited for the first $10,000 when purchased at gas, grocery and restaurant is combined in the promotional period. After that, it is only 1%

Pros & Cons


  • There is no annual fee involved
  • The clients are eligible to  avail special savings and financing offers
  • Notice in advance with regards to Sears sales events
  • Prior knowledge has given with regards to the approaching Sears sales events
  • Addition of user to the online account without any cost 
  • Financing option available 
  • Monthly coupons 
  • Temporary shopping pass 
  • Easy to activate Searscard


  • Both Sears credit cards are associated with high-interest rates
  • APR for purchases and balance transfers is 27.24% variable. It can be considered a bit high when compared with other cards
  • “Special interest” offers which are prevalent may end and if it does, then it cost hundreds of dollars in interest. Since “interest” associated with this promotion isn’t waived, it is deferred.  For example, if within a limited period of time, you have paid off during the 12 months period, then you don’t have anything to pay. However, the worst scenario lies in the fact where if the balance is left over and that literally can be as “little” as 50 cents. Then, you are supposed to pay interest for the whole purchase way back on the first day you have made.
  • can be difficult to reach.

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For a low credit score, you have a better chance for qualifying with Sears Credit Card application, than other cards and that certainly creates a significant change for you. This credit card gives you quite a convenience towards getting special deals which are prevalent. Sears card may not be suited for everyone. Especially, since you will get options which offer better sign-up bonuses.

If that is not enough, there are other choices that offer 0% introductory APRs for saving money on interest. Also, this card doesn’t have flat rate rewards benefit as it gives different rewards for different natures of the purchase at various times. It is also associated with high-interest rates. So, overall, Sears card has a mix of both facilities and drawbacks, as mentioned above. 

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