Menards BIG Credit Card

Menards BIG Card Login, Application, Activation and Payment Guide

Menards is a leading home improvement store that gives its clients a BIG Card to enable easy financing on all their shopping. The business credit suits all types of shoppers, whether they are running a business or just regular shoppers at Menards. The card is also collaborating with the Capital One, N.A. View the card’s features page to learn about all the facilities and special offers that you will be eligible for once you are qualified to get the credit card. Next, you can try to get a Menards big card login online.

The page also has links to let you apply online for the card. There are some notable features of the card which are:

  • 2% rebate on the store’s shopping list
  • 1% rebate on the purchases with the stores involved
  • Extra rebate on large brands
  • A financing scheme on all shopping products up to 6 months on shopping over $299
  • Up to 48 months financing for shopping that costs over $1500

How to log in and Make a Payment

  1. Visit the Capital One login page to make payment for the Menards BIG card. The page also has a link to retrieve your lost password as well.
  2. Key in your user name.
  3. Key in the password.
  4. Double-tap on the Sign-in button to log into the account. Click on Remember Me when you are using a private computer.

Forgot Your BIG Card User ID or Password

  1. Visit the login page stated above to find your Forgot Username link or the Password link. The link is obtainable at the login menu below.
  2. Enter the card account number.
  3. Enter your SSN.
  4. Enter your birthdate.
  5. Double-tap on the Continue button to move forward. Follow instructions on the screen to change your password or get back your user name.

How to Make A BIG Card Application?

  1. Visit the card features page, properly locate, and double tap on the Apply Online button.
  2.  Key in your legal name as required.
  3. Key in your email address.
  4. Key in your residential address in detail. See if your home address and mailing address are different. Provide the same details for each besides.
  5. Key in your primary phone number, birth date, and SSN.
  6.  Key in the financial data like where you live, monthly rental, and total annual income.
  7.  Double-tap on the Continue button to ensure the data is justified and submit your application online.
  8. Review the application with caution. Accept all the requirements on the application.
  9. Click on the Submit Application’s green button to send the application to be approved.

How Do You Activate Your BIG Card?

  1. Contact customer service. Call 1-800-871-2800. Follow the guide to make a card activation
  2. Visit the customer care page
  3. Key in your account number
  4. Key in your zip code
  5. Double-tap on Submit to continue
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