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First Horizon Bank Login: Guide to Online Banking

First Horizon Bank Login: First Horizon Bank, also known as First Tennessee Bank, provides finance-related services and products to the customers. Presently, the bank is based in Memphis and has been providing its services from over 180 different locations to the customers over the years. It was founded back in the year of 1864, during the civil war and since then, it has gone through revisions to improve its services for the customers. Account-holders in First Horizon Bank can now access their account online with the help of an online banking facility.

The online banking facility is provided free of cost to the customer by the bank. You simply need to have an active account in the First Horizon Bank in order to use the online banking service. First Horizon Bank’s financial and banking services are offered to both individuals as well as business entities of all sizes. The bank has made quite a name for itself in the market by providing full-fledged banking services to the customers since its inception.

Today, in this article, we’re going to share a guide that will help you in getting started with the online banking service of First Horizon Bank. Make sure to follow the steps mentioned in the below guide properly to avoid any issues afterward.

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Apply For First Horizon Online Banking

There’s a registration process that you must complete in order to activate the online banking service for your bank account. Before completing the registration process, you won’t be able to login to online banking. So, make sure to read and perform the following steps properly on your smartphone or computer using any browser.

In order to complete the registration process, there are certain things that you need to have. You won’t be able to complete the enrollment process without having the requirements. The list of requirements for Online Banking registration are as follows:-

  1. First of all, you need to open up the official web page of First Horizon bank Login on your browser.
  2. Now enter your account-related information in the appropriate fields on the web page.
  3. After entering all the required details, simply proceed by clicking on the Submit option.
  4. Now you will be asked to create a username for your online banking account.
  5. On the next step, you will have to set a strong password for your online banking account.
  6. Make sure to complete all the necessary things on the web page to finish the process.

That’s it, the registration process is now complete. You will be notified via text message on your phone number regarding the completion of online banking enrollment. Now you can go ahead and log in to your Online banking account right away simply by entering the username and password that you have entered during the First Horizon Bank registration process.

First Horizon Bank Login Process

You don’t need to perform any additional setup or download any applications on your device in order to login to your First Horizon Bank account online. Just visit the official First Horizon Bank login page from the above link and type in the username and password of your online banking account and hit sign-in option to proceed.

first horizon bank login

Make sure to enter the username and password for your account properly before clicking on the sign-in option. Multiple wrong entries of account credentials might get your account disabled for a short period of time. Therefore, it’s best to note down your online banking account at the time of resignation to avoid any issues. After a successful login, you will be able to carry out various types of transactional and nontransactional activities on your First Horizon Bank account from the comfort of your home.

With the help of First Horizon Online Banking Login registration you will have access to the following features and information on your device:-

  • First Horizon Mobile Banking (Download the App from Google Play Store or App Store)
  • Online Bill Payment and Recharge your Mobile Number from anywhere.
  • Online Deposit feature to deposit or receive money in your bank account.
  • Instant access to your bank account balance and account statement.
  • Various other facilities such as Fund Transfer, account information update, etc.

First Horizon Bank Routing Number

If you frequently receive funds from other bank accounts, then you would need to have the bank routing number. It’s a nine-digit number assigned to every bank so that it can receive or send funds to other financial banks or institutions. Using the routing number, where your account was opened can be determined easily. The routing number of First Horizon Bank may vary depending on the location where you have opened your bank account.

However, you can always use the First Horizon Bank’s routing number 084000026 for receiving funds in your bank account without any issues. You may also contact your branch or customer support to know the routing number of your location where you have opened your bank account.

For any further assistance regarding the online banking enrollment or login, you may dial  800-382-5465  to reach out to First Horizon Bank customer service right away. Or another way to approach customer service is by visiting a nearby digital delegate center. You may also drop an email if you would like, to get your issues resolved.

Final Words

Well, this is where we’ll have to put an end to this article. We hope the information provided in the article will turn out to be helpful for a lot of people out there who aren’t aware of the online banking registration process of First Horizon Bank. The process itself may look a bit lengthy, however, it’s recommended to have online banking activated for your bank just in case if you ever need to transfer or access your account statement swiftly.

For any further queries or help, you’re more than welcome to use the comment section below. Make sure to let us know your thoughts and whether the guide shared in the article was easy and simple to understand.

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