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Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card: Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc is one of the most popular and leading sporting goods retailers with various stores located primarily in the central and eastern parts of the United States Of America. The retailer offers a wide range of brands in sporting equipment, apparel, footwear, and other sporting related goods. The public company, Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc, is based in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. Customers who make frequent purchases from the stores can avail store issued credit cards to earn additional reward points on their purchases which can be converted into merchandise rewards.

Dick’s stores offer two different types of credit cards to customers, however, the customer doesn’t have any option to choose while applying for a Dicks Sporting Goods credit card. When you first fill the application and submit, you’ll be considered for the Rewards of Sports Mastercard which requires approval from Synchrony Bank. In case, if your application isn’t approved, then you’ll be able to be considered for the Rewards of the Sport credit card.

It’s beneficial to have Dicks Sporting Goods credit card since it offers two points for every 1$ purchase in the offline store. The reward points earned through store purchases can be converted into merchandise discounts. Additionally, there are no additional charges or annual fees for the credit card. Also, it’s quite easy to pay your credit card bills without following any hectic procedure. Today, in this article, we’re going to share an easy to understand guide on how you can make dicks credit card payment and check your dicks rewards points.

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Pay Your Dick’s Credit Card Bill Online

Customers are required to log in on the official website to make credit card bill payments. Go ahead and follow the below-mentioned steps for dicks credit card login and manage your account from anywhere at any time without any complications. Only customers who are having an active credit card can log in on the website.

1- Go to Dick’s Credit Card login page to begin the process.

2- Now type in the ID and password of your account to login to your credit card account.

dicks sporting goods credit card

3- After a successful login, you will be presented with the following options for making the payment.

  • Automatic Bill Payment:- By enabling this option, the amount will be debited from your checking account automatically at the end of every billing period.
  • One Time Payment:- Using this option, you will be able to schedule a one-time payment for your credit card.

4- Select your preferred and proceed by following the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

5- That’s it, you may now choose to manage your account or exit the website by logging out.

Note:- The billing cycle for Dick’s credit card isn’t the same for every customer. The billing cycle depends on the date you have opened your Dicks Sporting Goods credit card. In case if you are having any trouble in making the payments on the specified date, then you have the option to adjust your billing cycle according to your convenience.

Benefits of Dicks Sporting Goods Credit Card

In case if you haven’t gotten yourself the stored issued Dick’s credit card, then rush to any nearby store and fill out the application form to begin the process. The following list should give you plenty of reasons to opt for Dick’s credit card in case you’re wondering what’s the benefit of it.

Convenient Mode Of Payment

There would be times where you wouldn’t have sufficient cash to pay for your purchases. It’s quite a hassle for a lot of people to carry a large amount of money for shopping. The credit card makes the entire process cash flow and provides more convenience to customers when it comes to offline shopping.

Top-Notch Security

Often, credit card holders worry about the security and safety of their cards. To counter this, several security measures have been taken by the Bank to reduce uncertainties with credit cards of customers. You need not worry about security or anything else with your Dick’s Credit card.

Easy Way Of Credit Building

You can build and improve your credit rating by using Dick’s credit card. Go ahead and make as many purchases as you want with your credit card. However, keep in mind that you must make the payments on time without any delays. Otherwise, there would be a negative effect on your credit rating.

There are a lot of benefits of having Dick’s Sporting goods credit card, such as Control over usage, No Annual charges, Rewards program, etc. You should consider getting Dick’s credit card if you make regular purchases from Dick’s offline stores. However, keep in mind that you cannot use the credit card for online purchases or shopping. It only works with in-store purchases at the moment.

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Dicks Sporting Goods credit card offers a lot of conveniences when it comes to dicks credit card payment. You don’t have to visit any payment center or stores manually to make the bill payment. Simply follow the above-mentioned steps and login to your account online to clear the payment right away. In case if you any further help or have any questions regarding the same, then make sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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