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Lord and Taylor Credit Card Payment Guide

Are you making bill payment for your credit card? Or you need to login to view the billing statement and handle the account on the internet? This complete manual will let us look at the credit card from Lord and Taylor, with a detailed guide of the rewards and other bonuses clients can enjoy.

How to Pay your Lord and Taylor Credit Card Bill

The credit card comes from the Capital One Bank. There are many available choices on how to pay for your Lord and Taylor’s credit cards.

Pay credit card bills on the internet

An account on the internet platform with Lord and Taylor will not just let you pay the credit card bills, but you can also view your card balance, view transaction card history, monitoring activities, add in more users and update your private information. You can send money from a proper checking or savings account as a one-off payment or create an amount to be accrued regularly. To make your payment online, go to the webpage platform and go to the page to login, and view the statement and handle the account on the internet. First-time users will have to register, and they can attempt to do so by clicking the registration link below the login platform on the page.

Paying by Direct Call

To make a payment by a dial-up, call the number 1-866-465-8292.

Paying using Mail

To pay by mail, send the payment to the Lord and Taylor Credit Card, P.O. Box 960035, Orlando, FL, 32896. Make sure to add in your account number on the paycheck. The account number is placed on the statement. To make sure that the payment is received on time, it is better that you send the payment using mail order at least five days before the due date that is shown on the billing statement you receive every month.

Paying via Store

You can make payment for the Lord and Taylor credit by walking into the store. Keep in mind that the amount is not considered accepted until the Synchrony Financial takes it in. The nearest place that you can find can be found here.

Lord and Taylor Credit Card Customer Service

The official customer service number is 1-866-465-8292. If you have any queries, you can view the FAQ section here.

The Lord and Taylor produce the best brand and fashion labels for everybody. Although they tend to focus on women’s trends, they have been doing it for a very long time. They have slowly created a leading brand image for excellent services and quality, and with these credit services, you can add extra to these advantages.

Lord and Taylor Credit Card Overview

The credit card will offer different rewards and savings that you can take from any sound store card. When you use the card, the first advantage is a 15% discount on every good that you purchase on the first day.

Regarding savings, you can access a large number of cardholder savings every year, up to 10%, and another 15% off on coupons to help you cut down your credit bills and a birthday discount coupon of 20%. You also get a notice in advance of sales events that will come.

You get no hassle for returns gained for card purchases and no fraud liabilities for fraudulent transactions in terms of security and convenience. If you can spend about 1500 USD each year, you will gain access to the premier card, giving you more benefits.

Terms and Conditions

The APR on all items bought is 25.49%. There are no transfer balances or cash advances available. There are no yearly charges. The late payment will go up to 35 dollars. If you do not want to pay any interest charges on things you buy, you have to pay off all your debts within 23 days of the previous month’s bill.

Visit the website on Google +, Pinterest, and Facebook. The customer service and credit card login for making payments or the billing procedure is easy and straightforward to follow.


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