Surge Credit Card Login & Payment Guide

Surge credit card login: The surge credit card gives financial respite by helping you overcome your testing times in the best of your capacity without asking for help from anyone. Issued by Continental Finance, it helps you with to get out of the messy situation. So what, if you have limited, poor or fair credit, it knows how to address the financial needs based on the creditworthiness.

However, it leaves you with a series of high charges for you to bear, such as the following:

  • The annual charge is $125 for the first year, followed by slightly less at $96 in the subsequent years.
  • You need to pay 10$ as part of the annual maintenance fees after the first year
  • $30 is charged as the way of authorized user fees.
  • Card Limit $500. However, cardholders based on their consecutive bill payments can opt for the limit increase
  • APR 29.99%
  • The requirement of deposit:- Celtic Bank will assess your creditworthiness and accordingly from $0 or  $50, $100, $150 or $500 you are supposed to pay. This is where it also relates to the fact that Surge Mastercard can be either fully secured, or unsecured or even partially secured.

Features associated with the card

surge credit card login

You get a credit limit of $500

As you login to surge credit card and receives a credit limit of $500, it obviously gives you satisfaction while you are in the process of strengthening your financial security. However, do take in consideration of the annual fees which will lessen the available credit at once.

Application and associated formalities are quick and easy

Continental Finance, the issuer knows the basic marketing procedure of giving maximum ease during the time of application. You will get a prompt response, as you go for an online application. The maximum time it takes is roughly 7 to 10 business days. Thereby, based on your approval, and filling the requisite details, you will get to the Surge MasterCard credit card login page where now you have your credentials to log in. Isn’t it easy?

Get a fees waiver on the first year

If you have newly opened the account, then be happy for a reason that you don’t have to pay the fees for the following two circumstances:-

  • Foreign transaction
  • Cash advance

However, since cash advances accrue interest right away, so it is best to be avoided. If you thought that your volatile financial situation may be heading toward better times, then think again. You have to bear the brunt of its high annual fees which adversely affects its credit limit. So, it is advisable to know what you are going to do before you head for the Surge credit card login page.

How to do Surge Credit Card Login

  • Go to
  • Click on the option of “Portal”
  • It asks you to choose the card
  • Select Surge card from the drop-down menu
  • Login
  • There will be a page for you to fill username and password
  • Click on submit and now have full access

Surge Credit Card Payment

An important criteria for owning any commodity online is to be able to operate it at any time of the day. Yes, likewise as you do Surge Credit Card Login, you are able to operate round the clock where you can do different transactions at different times and make payments too.

Customer Service number

You can get your queries addressed by dialing the phone number 1-866-449-4514. Professional assistance can indeed do wonders towards giving users their desired solutions in a friendly way who feel more attached to the company. Isn’t it? After you do Surge MasterCard login, you can do different online payments concerning daily life be it payment of bills, keeping in check the statement history, etc in an easy manner.

Pros and Cons

An intelligent move would be to look after the Pros and Cons while you begin your journey to do the transaction with Surge Credit Card Login page:-


  • It promises to help you overcome the issue of low credit
  • It sends a payment history report to three prominent credit card bureaus which basically helps towards building your reputation in the financial arena
  • It addresses your concern of getting an unsecured card
  • Cards can be used in places where the master card is operational


  • Except for the first year, consumers have to be ready towards paying a monthly maintenance fee which is again a sort of deterrent
  • High variable purchase APR
  • The fee is unbelievably quite high which will raise eyebrows for people looking to get financial assistance for themselves

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Final Thoughts

If your credit is way too low and you are looking for ways to get it financially sound, then you can apply for the unsecured card. However, there are times when they somehow approve of the secured version much to your discomfort. So, it is no wonder that “high costs” are somewhat which is associated with this card and the consumer has to bear its brunt.

Considering the overall scenario, there are other cards for the rescue of users who are looking to get their head start convincingly. Considering this card, it has a mix of advantages and disadvantages for the users to decide.

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