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Lowe’s Credit Card Login, Payments and Activation

People that suit the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card are the people that need to buy home appliances, hardware, or flooring from the Home Improvement Store as there are a lot of special offers. Synchrony Bank gives clients a store-branded card and lets you manage your private credit account. You can only use the card at Lowe’s online portal or other stores in the US. The Lowe’s credit card sign in can be obtained on the official bank website.

The Credit Card also has many promotional offers available. Click the card features page to know what are the offers that you can take up. The card has features with:

  • 5% discount each day or special sponsor for six months, or a financing option for projects.
  • Four year monthly payments at 2.99% APR.
  • One-year outstanding sponsor payment for appliances

The card features site above has a link for people to apply for cards online or login to their card account management.

If you want another credit card from a home appliances store, PC Richard could be what you are looking for. We have a short PC Richard Credit Card Login tutorial and handy info on the card itself.

How Do You Login and Make Payments

Step 1: Find and click the Manage Account on the center page of Lowe’s Credit Center.

Step 2: Enter your Username.

Step 3: Double-tap on Sign In. 

Step 4: Key in the password on the next site and confirm a unique security image to log into the site.

Forgot Your Username or Password?

Look upon the User ID

Step 1: Click on the Lookup my user ID link on the login page.

Step 2: Type the account number. Search for the account number on the received statement.

Step 3: Key in the last four digits of the SSN.

Step 4: Double-tap on Next to validate and get back your Username

Forgot Password

Step 1: Input your username on the login page.

Step 2: Double-tap on Sign In and pick the option for searching for a password on the next page.

How Do You Apply for The Lowe’s Credit Card?

  • Step 1: Visit the card features page and double tap on Apply Now
  • Step 2: Input the first name and last name with the middle name if required
  • Step 3: Enter the home or billing address and pick the residential type
  • Step 4: Enter the primary phone number and pick the phone options like mobile or business number
  • Step 5: Input your email ID and confirm the same thing in the next section
  • Step 6: Enter the SSN or TIN
  • Step 7: Enter birthdate
  • Step 8: State your net yearly salary
  • Step 9: Produce the associate ID if there is any
  • Step 10: Double-tap on Continue to advance. Pick the option in the next section, accept the requirements, and look for approval in the next section

How Do You Activate the Lowe’s Credit Card?

  • Step 1: Pick the card below New Users and double tap on Register and Activate
  • Step 2: Input the account number in the next section
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions accordingly to make registration and activation on the credit card

If you want to contact Lowe’s, we have a Lowe’s Credit Card Payment Contact page set up with multiple contact methods.

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