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Diamond Bank Transfer Code to Transfer Money

Diamond Bank Transfer Code – Diamond Bank is a financial service provider in multiple countries, and it has become the most preferred bank for community banking services in Nigeria. Diamond Bank was officially acquired by Access Bank of Nigeria a year ago to expand its presence in the banking industry. Diamond Bank is known for providing interruption-free financial services to its customers.

Diamond Bank allows its customers to perform various financial transactions online with the help of the Diamond Bank Mobile App. You don’t need to visit the branch every time to transfer funds, and there are more convenient ways to do it.

How To Register For Diamond Bank Transfer Code

To use the Diamond Bank Mobile App, you would need a smartphone and an active internet connection to carry out the transactions. You can also transfer funds or perform other transactional activities even if you don’t have a smartphone or internet connection using the Code to transfer money from diamond bank.

But first, you will have to register for the Transfer Code service by following the below steps correctly.

  1. Go to your Call Menu and dial *426# to start the registration process.
  2. On the next step, enter your Date of Birth and submit to verify yourself.
  3. Now you will have to enter the last six digits of the debit card, which is linked to your account.
  4. After entering all the necessary details,  you will be asked to create a PIN.
  5. This will act as your Transfer code PIN, so make sure to remember it. That’s it!

Once the above steps are performed, you will receive a text message from Diamond Bank confirming your Registration for Transfer code service. Now you can use the Diamond Bank Transfer code facility to access and manage your Diamond Bank Account.

How To Use Diamond Bank Transfer Code

diamond bank transfer code

There are a lot of things that you can do with the Transfer code. Most of the users prefer to use Transfer code service for transferring funds and check their bank account balance conveniently. You will have to follow the below-provided instructions to use the service.

Diamond Bank Transfer Fund Code

You will have to enter a USSD code to transfer money from the diamond bank, dial *426#, and select the second option (Transfer option) to proceed. Now enter the amount that you want to send and the account number of the receiver. Confirm the details by checking the beneficiary name and account number, enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

After authorizing the transaction, the entered amount will be debited instantly from your Diamond Bank account and will be created to the beneficiary bank account.

Check Diamond Bank Account Balance

You can request the bank to send a text message showing your Bank account balance merely dialing *426*00# on your mobile phone. However, make sure to dial the code from the mobile number, which is associated with your Diamond Bank account in the bank records.

Post dialing the above code, the bank will immediately send you a text message of your Bank account balance.

Other Benefits Of Transfer Code

You can also use the Diamond Bank Transfer code service for other purposes as well such as:-

  • To request a new Debit or ATM card without visiting the branch or ATM manually.
  • To recharge your mobile number directly from your Diamond Bank account balance.
  • To pay for your Subscription bills directly from your bank account balance.
  • To check the mini statement of your Diamond Bank account, etc.

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Final Words

The transfer code service comes handy in times when you don’t have access to the Mobile Banking app or don’t have a smartphone to carry out the transaction. Go ahead and follow the steps mentioned above to setup the transfer code service for your Diamond bank account. Let us know if you have any queries or doubts in the comments.

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