Citi Double Cash Credit Card Invitation Code Guide

If you would like to apply for a Citi Double Cash Credit Card from, then you will need an invitation code from

Requirements for applying for a Double Cash Credit Card

  • The applicant’s credit score must be good.
  • Age eligibility includes 18 years or above and belonging to the United States as a legal resident.
  • Application form comprises the details regarding invitation code.
  • No mandatory obligation to have the applynowdoublecash invitation number as it reveals about the pre-screening completion of the applicant.
  • Customers who are curious to avail rewards using their credit card.
  • An interest amount will be applicable on every purchase until you transfer the balance within the due date.

On every purchase, 2% surprise cashback will come by using Citi Double Cash Credit Card.

Are you thinking what’s more amazing about the credit card? Well, the surprise box isn’t closed yet. With the Citi Double Cash Credit Card, you’ll not need to pay for any intro APR for transferring balance for an extended period of 18 months.

It’s not the only excellent benefits you get with the card. There’s also no annual fee applicable on the credit card.

Other Notes to know about the eye-catching credit card

  • After opening an account, one must complete the promotional transfers in 4 months.
  • A fee of 3% or 5% is applicable upon balance transfers over the transfer amount (the greater one)
  • For the cashback amount earned, there is no upper spending cap.
  • Cashback does not apply to cash advances, returned items, balance transfers, interest, or account charges.

Once you have your card, then be sure to check out our Login and Registration guide. It has a step-by-step guide for quickly activating your card and then logging in to your online account.

Customer Service

If you’ve any queries regarding the invitation code, they have these handy phone contacts:

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