American Eagle VISA Credit card

American Eagle Credit Card Payment Guide

Getting a new card will let you access the special reward system from American Eagle Outfitters. A good example is this special visa card given by Synchrony Bank which will give you surprises like a free item each time you buy five similar items, and you will get reward points of up to 15 points each $1 USD that you spend at the store outlet. However, if you do not make a monthly payment on time, you will need to incur interest and fees that will cost you a lot of money, much more than the saving costs.

Although you are prohibited from paying the bill in store, there are other ways you can make payment. You can do it online or by mail or calling directly. Start learning how to use these billing payment strategies to pay on-time and cut down late fee payments.

Three Methods to Make Bill Payments on your American Eagle Credit Card

Here we have a few choices for paying the credit card from American Eagle. Here is how to make an online bill payment, by mail or by phone for the American Eagle Credit Card.

Make a Credit Card Payment Online

Here is how to make a payment via the internet:

  1. Go to the official website of American Eagle, and use the login credentials to go into your bank account. First-time cardholders can make registration via the website. The mother’s second name, birth date, last four SSN digits along with your email is required.
  2. From the website’s credit card management portal on the site, log into the account, then make an online payment. You need to make payment of the minimum amount required to avoid penalties of paying late. Interest will build upon the previous unpaid amount of your debts.
  3. Key in the bank credentials before paying online. Only U.S. banks are eligible. When you pay, the whole thing will go to your account before you commence it.

Using Mail to Make Payment

You can pay for a credit card or check via mails. Here we have strategies on how to make the bill payment via mail:

  1. Use money orders or checks and send them to the bank.
  2. Send the check and latest information to the addresses below:

AEO, Inc. Credit Card Services

P.O. Box 530942

Atlanta, GA 30353-0942

Allow enough time for processing time. You will be accountable for late payment and the interest that builds up on late payments.

Make Payment by Direct Call

Moreover, you can use a direct call to make payment. However, there is a 10 USD charge for bills via phones through customer service. Here is how to make payments using a phone:

  1. Dial 800-843-0875
  2. Input the credit card information and how much you want to pay

Late Fees to Pay for Credit Cards

The cardholders will be given 26 days to pay for the card charges from the previous bill statement before the interest keeps building upon the unpaid amount. Pay the basic amount required by the due period to ensure the account is working correctly so that you will not be charged a late penalty fee of 25 USD.

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